BT1030 BakTrak Output Adaptor Stereo to Mono


BakTrak – Output Adaptor – Stereo to Mono (Blue)

Total: £15.00

The BakTrak Output Adaptor allows you to connect the stereo output from your BakTrak pedal directly to the mono input of your guitar amplifier or PA system, via a built in passive summing mixer.

The BakTrak output adaptor has a 6.3mm stereo jack plug connected to a 6.3mm Mono line socket via a short length of low noise audio signal cable. The output adaptor has a Blue marker to make sure you can’t get it mixed up with the input adaptor.

BakTrak – Output Adaptor – Specification
Jack – 6.3mm Stereo Industry Standard (TRS)
Line Socket – 6.3mm Mono Industry Standard (TRS)
Mixer – Passive summing mixer circuit (Stereo to Mono)
Marker – Blue
Size – 220mm(L)


Additional information

Weight 90 g

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