BT1031 BakTrak Output Adaptor Str to Split Mono


BakTrak – Output Adaptor – Stereo to split Mono

Total: £15.00

The BakTrak “Stereo to Split Mono” adapter, separates the stereo output into left and right mono channels. This is normally used for situations where the drummer wants a click track synced to the backing track (ie) Record a stereo track with the music panned hard right and the click track panned hard left you can then send the click track to the drummers in-ear monitor and the music to the PA.

BakTrak – Stereo to Split Mono Output Adaptor – Specification
Jack – 6.3mm Stereo Industry Standard (TRS) x 1
Line Sockets – 6.3mm Mono Industry Standard (TRS) x 2
Size – 220mm(L)


Additional information

Weight 150 g

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