BT1040 BakTrak Input Adaptor Mono to Stereo


BakTrak – Input Adaptor – Stereo to Mono (Red)

Total: £15.00

The BakTrak Input Adaptor allows you to connect the mono output from your instrument or microphone directly to the stereo input of your BakTrak Pedal. Allowing you to play along with the backing track that has been selected on the pedal and mixing your instruments output with the pedal output.

The BakTrak output adaptor has a 6.3mm stereo jack plug connected to a 6.3mm Mono line socket via a short length of low noise audio signal cable. The input adaptor has a Red marker to make sure you can’t get it mixed up with the output adaptor.

BakTrak – Output Adaptor – Specification
Jack – 6.3mm Stereo Industry Standard (TRS)
Line Socket – 6.3mm Mono Industry Standard (TRS)
Mixer – Direct “Y” format
Marker – Red
Size – 220mm(L)


Additional information

Weight 90 g

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