BTP1220 BakTrak-Pro Hard Shell Gig Case


BakTrak-Pro Hard Shell Gig Case (Fully Loaded)

Total: £345.00

When either Gigging, in the studio or just at home practicing, its easy to lose or mislay vital bits of your kit. The BakTrak hard shell gig case is the ideal addition to your music equipment, it will hold your BakTrak-Pro pedal and all of the BakTrak accessories safely in one place.

The Gig case comes with 15mm interlocking Egg-Box foam inlays, for both the lid and base, holding all of the BakTrak equipment securely in place.

The case can be purchased empty or fully loaded with a BakTrak-Pro pedal and all of the essential BakTrak accessories. The BakTrak-Pro fully loaded gig case comes complete with the following equipment:

1 x BakTrak-Pro (MP3 & WAV) Pedal – BTP1010 range (specify on order) – with PSU and Micro SDHC Card

1 x BakTrak-Pro – Remote Trigger Foot Switch – BTP1080

1 x BakTrak – Mounting Bracket – BT1090

1 x BakTrak – Input Adaptor – Mono to Stereo (6.3mm) – Red Marker – BT1030

1 x BakTrak – Output Adaptor – Stereo to Mono (6.3mm) – Blue Marker – BT1040

1 x BakTrak – Stereo Adaptor – Stereo to Stereo (6.3mm Jack to 3.5mm Socket) – BT1050

1 x BakTrak – Micro SD Card Reader/Writer – BT1070

BakTrak-Pro Hard Shell Gig Case (Fully Loaded) – Specification
Colour – Silver- Grey with Black locking clasps
Material – Molded Polypropylene (PP)
Size – 300mm(L) x 70mm(W) x 260mm(H)


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Weight 1800 g

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