BT1300-B BakTrak Buskers Battery Pack


Buskers Battery Pack

Total: £85.00

The BakTrak Buskers Battery Pack (BT1300-B) is housed in a Black high impact ABS moulding and has been designed to meet the demands of the musician who needs to power a BakTrak, BakTrak Pro or BakTrak MDE pedal on the go, when no mains power is available. The battery pack comes complete with a plug in power lead that connects directly to your BakTrak, BakTrak Pro or BakTrak MDE pedal.

Main Features
Running Time 8 Hours – Continuous Play
Compact Size – 100mm x 80mm x 30mm
Battery Level Indication – Three Levels of Battery Condition
Automatic Short Circuit Protection – Internal Auto Reset Fusing
DC Power Connection Lead – Twin Ended Power Jacks (230mm long)
Power Output Configuration – Link Settable Centre Pin Polarity (+ or -)

Additional information

Weight 500 g

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